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Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty

wheelchair accessible porta potty with a hand washing stationWalking around the city and then the call of nature rings, the first thing you do is look for the nearest toilet or porta potty.

You make you’re way to the porta potty as fast as you could, only to realize your wheelchair won’t fit through.

This is the reality that a lot of Differently abled individuals have to go through. Access to toilets isn’t easy for them as it is for us, for those who are physically challenged, especially those in a wheelchair, finding a porta potty that can cater to them is almost always zero to none.

But thankfully there are Wheelchair accessible Porta potties out there, especially in Yonkers during festivals and outdoor events!

This post will look into what a Wheelchair accessible porta potty is and where it’s usually seen and used!

What is a Wheelchair accessible porta potty?

Wheelchair accessible porta potty or also known as a handicap porta potty is a regular porta potty but bigger.

The bigger dimensions make it accessible for people in wheelchairs to enter and use it. Also, these special porta potties have built-in grab bars on all sides of the interior. This makes it easy for people in wheelchairs to set themselves off their wheelchair and on the toilet, and vice versa. These grab bars are also great for people on crutches or anyone with a physical disability, these bars will help them balance as they go in and out of the porta potty as well as on and off the toilet.

Where are Wheelchair accessible porta potties good for?

Given that these porta potties are built especially for people who are differently abled, events or occasions wherein a majority of the attendees are using wheelchairs would be the best option for them.

But in reality, having a Wheelchair accessible porta potty needs to be a norm for any event.

Construction sites that do employ people who are differently abled should have this kind of porta potty for them, giving people options that are accessible to them.

Large-scale events like concerts and festivals should also have a wheelchair-accessible porta potty, this shows that they don’t just want to make sales off of their tickets, but as well as give everyone equal access to a basic necessity no matter what their physical state is.

If malls and establishments can provide a PWD bathroom, so should outdoor gatherings and events.

Being able to run to the nearest porta potty sounds like nothing to us, but to them, it’s a luxury to even find a bathroom that is accessible.

So the next time you have an event outdoors, always make it a must to have a wheelchair-accessible porta potty, and at the same time, make sure that the people who are using it are on wheelchairs!

In the city of Yonkers, wheelchair-accessible porta potties are a norm outside, this gives people in wheelchairs some assurance that their needs are heard and that they are visible to everyone.

So the next time you take a pee, make sure you’re in the right toilet!