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Van Der Donck Park

Downtown Yonkers is being rehabilitated. And part of that rehabilitation is the development of Van Der Donck. The park is named after Adriaen Cornelissen Van Der Donck. He is called Jonkheer, from which the city of Yonkers in New York is named. Van Der Donck was one of the first lawyers in the Dutch colony.

He is also a prominent leader in what was then known as New Amsterdam, which is now modern-day New York City. He is also an advocate of a Dutch-style governance for the Dutch West India Company-run trading post. This article is dedicated to the park dedicated to this man. If you’re planning to go to Yonkers soon, then you should take time to visit Van Der Donck Park.

The development of Van Der Donck Park is part of the efforts to uncover the Saw Mill River. The river was buried beneath concrete. The Scenic Hudson explored the possibility of “daylighting” the river, which is another way of saying uncovering the river. The organization partnered with local groups to petition the government to undertake the project.

There used to be an unsightly parking lot in the park. But now, the Saw Mill is its centerpiece. And people can now spend time at the park to relax and just enjoy the beauty of nature. The river is a good place to watch sea creatures such as eels that are making a comeback. So if you ever get tired from the bustle of downtown Yonkers, this park offers a nice respite.

Visiting Van Der Donck Park is also a good educational experience. When you walk along the river, you’ll see stations that explain the ecology of the river. It’s important for people to know the value of a river as well as the animals that are living there. This will encourage them to take care of the river and of the environment in general. And this is why uncovering the Saw Mill River is important. You also need to go to the outdoor classroom and pay attention to its beautiful tiles.

It depicts the indigenous animals in the area. It’s also a very picturesque park so be sure to bring your mobile phone or camera when you visit. You need to take pictures particularly of the arched bridge. The best time to visit the park is during summer or spring when the flowers are in full bloom.

There are also many interesting places to see around the park. Across the park is the Yonkers train station, a nice place to visit because of interesting architecture. Then you can go to the park next to it to view a statue of Ella Fitzgerald. You can also find the Yonkers Public Library along the Riverfront. It has an art gallery on its 4th level that is free to the public. I

f you want to view more art, then you can visit the Yonkers’ Hudson River Museum. It has a planetarium and a restored 19th-century mansion. Exhibits in the museum change regularly. You can visit their website to check for the current exhibit. You should also check out the Untermyer Gardens. It has a beautiful Indo-Persian garden that has several waterways and fountains.

There’s also a lot to see on the promenade. If you go to the northern side, you’ll see the Yonkers canoe and kayak club. It will also give you a good view of the Tappan Zee Bridge. On the southern portion of the promenade is the 911 memorial and a sculpture garden. There you’ll get a good view of Manhattan and of the George Washington Bridge.

You’ll see the Palisades and the Alpine New Jersey marina on the western portion of the promenade. One of the things that you need to know about Yonkers is that it’s considered as the “parking lot” for the New York Harbor. So anchored barges with their tugs are a common site in the area.

If you get hungry from all the walking and exploring, then you’ll be delighted to know that there are several dining options in the area. You can get a sandwich from the Wedge Cafe located at the top of Van der Donck Park. Then there’s also a pizza parlor right across Ella Fitzgerald Park.

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