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Untermyer Gardens

Yonkers is a city that sits on the outskirts and enjoys numerous greeneries in the countryside. But to tell the truth, it’s not free from urban turmoil. This is a growing city, and so, there’s bustle somewhere. Even so, this is something that tourists will love. People haggling for carpets in the stores, the hiss of kitchens of the steakhouses, and the crowd on the streets are something for you to remember.

Nothing’s better than being with the crowd while on a vacation trip. However, spending time for yourself to recharge isn’t bad too. So, where to do this as a traveler who found his or her way in Yonker,? Rent a bike or hire a taxi and head to Yonkers’s Eden – The Urntemyer Gardens.

A Garden Inspired by Other Popular Gardens in The Globe…

Untermyer Gardens is directly linked to the lives of locals in Yonkers. This is the most popular and picturesque public park in the city, where prenup photoshoots, wedding photoshoots, and other happy moments occur. Not only this, but it also acts as a recreation center for kids, teenagers, and adults. Popular activities are walking, jogging, biking, and roller skating,

Yonker has other gardens. However, most decide to spend their time at Untermyer. But why? The place feels and looks heavenly. Its landscape is a fusion of notable landscaping concepts and structures from the popular gardens of Peru, India, Pakistan, Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Incorporating and fusing the landscapes of other gardens to the landscape of Untermyer Gardens isn’t for show only. It holds a significant cultural meaning too. Ultimately, this garden’s dynamic appearance is meant to represent peace among different cultures.

History of Untermyer Gardens

Tracing Untermyer’s origin will help you understand why it has such cultural significance.

Urntemyer started as a small garden that’s part of the Greystone mansion, which served as the retirement abode of Samuel J. Tilden. During his ownership of the mansion, he opted to grow exotic trees and plants on the land plot surrounding it.

After Tilden’s death, lawyer and horticulture expert Samuel Untermyer took possession of the Greystone mansion. He extended the existing property to 150 acres. This was the start of how Untermyer Gardens came to be.

An avid fan of horticulture, Samual Untermyer employed 60 gardeners to take care of the existing and additional vegetation growing in the vicinity of the Greystone mansion. He even commissioned a renowned architect to transform the mansion’s landscape into a magnificent garden.

After completion, the garden of the Greystone mansion was opened to the public. At the time of his death, Samuel Untermyer opted to donate his property for public use. To honor this contribution, the garden, which the original owner developed and loved with all his heart, was named after him.

What To See In The Urntemyer Gardens?

Walled Garden

The walled garden is perhaps the most picturesque spot. You will immediately see this as it’s the nearest attraction from the entrance. In the vicinity of the walled garden is a miniature amphitheater. As you walk towards it, you will pass by two columns installed with winged beasts. From these, a long pool then spans from the center and stretches up to the amphitheater. Just north of the pool’s center is a circular platform called the Temple of Sky.

The Vista

The Vista is a flower-lined terrace that spans from the lower terrace of the walled garden and spans up to the bank of the Hudson River, which the walled garden faces. Inspired by the Villa D’Este, this part of Urntemyer Gardens will remind you of Italy.

Temple of Love

The Temple of Love is a pavilion that sits atop a rock formation comprising individual stones. This is an ideal location for seeing all of Urntemyer Gardens. Around it are lavenders, rhododendrons, ozawas, Mexican bush sages, early amethysts, and cardinal candies.

A meters away and adjacent to the Temple of Love is the Rock and Stream Garden – a location with elaborately placed rocks, stone bridges, a structure for sitting that’s inspired by the Mughal Gardens, and a mini-waterfall.

Do You Have To Pay For Admission?

The city of Yonker owns Untermyer Gardens. It’s open for public use, and so, you don’t need to pay for admission to enter its vicinity. However, guided tours aren’t free and have to be booked at the Urntemyer Gardens website. Book your visit anytime except Christmas, New Year, Martin Luther’s Day, Thanksgiving, Washington’s Day, and Lincoln’s Day.

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