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Tibbetts Brook Park

Tibbetts Brook Park is a park located in Yonkers, New York. It’s on a 161-acre piece of land. The history of the park, the types of activities that you and family can do, and which Australian football team uses the park will be discussed in this travel blog.

The History of Tibbetts Brook Park

The park is named after Georger Tippett. Georger brought land from Elias Doughty. Elias owned an estate. The estate was made up the land from the Hudson River through the Saw Mill River. The descendants of Tippett were eliminated from the land. This occurred during the American Revolution War. They were eliminated because they were loyal to the British Crown. As a result of their loyalty to the British Crown, their land was taken and sold. In 1778, the park had the Battle of Kingsbridge.

This battle had Daniel Nimham and Ethan Allen fighting against the Queen’s Rangers. The Queen Rangers was commanded by John Graves Simcoe. The Queen Rangers were a military unit during the American Revolution War. They were part of the British Army. Daniel Nimham led the Stockbridge Militia. The Stockbridge Militia was serving in the Continental Army during the war.

The Battle of Kingsbridge lasted for two days during the last final week of August. While the British military emerged as the victors, Nimham and other members lost their lives. Simcoe was wounded during the battle and four British soldiers lost their lives. In 1872, the site of the park was purchased by Leonard W. Jerome. It became a part of the Valley Farms. By 1923, it was proposed by the Westchester County Park Commission that a park should be built.

As a result of this, the Westchester County Park Commission brought land from the Valley Farm in October 1923. A year later, construction on the park started. Three years later on June 25, 1927, the Tibbetts Brook Park opened to the public. When the park opened, the park wasn’t fully completed. Therefore, the Westchester County Park Commission decided that a pool needed to be built.

Activities That You and Your Family Can Do At Tibbetts Brook Park

There are several activities that you and your family can enjoy at the Tibbetts Brook Park. One activity is the Family Fun Day. The Family Fun Day is a day filled with fun for adults and children. During Family Fun Day, you’ll enjoy getting your dance moves on to the beat of the music provided by the DJ. Other activities include the water balloons contest where you can toss and catch water balloons to each other.

The person whom gets the majority of the balloons without them breaking will receive a prize. Family Fun Day takes place during July. The event is free with admission. However, it is required that you’re a resident of Westchester with a registered Westchester County Park Pass or a New York State driver’s license.

If you have a Westchester County Park Pass, you can bring 2 adult guests and 5 kids. The park has a large pool where families and children can have fun while cooling off from the summer heat. Activities that you and family can enjoy at the pool include in-pool basketball and lap lanes where you can put in your swimming workouts. There’s also a miniature golf course.

Summer isn’t the only season where families and children can enjoy themselves at Tibbetts Brook Park; winter is also an excellent season to enjoy the park’s activities. Children and families can participate in ice skating. If you want to throw birthdays parties for your loved ones, you can do it at The Brook at Tibbetts. However, you do have to contact the park to arrange a birthday party. The park is also wheelchair accessible, so be sure to contact the park for a full rundown of the facilities that it has available for wheelchair users. According to Trip Advisor, reviewers have commented on the beauty of Tibbett Brook Park.

Which Australian Football Team Uses Tibbett Brook Park

The New York Magpies are the Australian football team that play home games at Tibbett Brook Park. They are part of the Eastern Australian Football League. Most of the players are Australian.

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