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Science Barge

Are you tired of being at home and wishing to go somewhere? If so, then Science Barge is definitely the perfect place to visit. Do not worry, if you are not aware of this place. We are here with this blog just to make you aware of that! Yes, in this blog, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about the Science Barge, which is located in Yonkers, New York.

Science Barge is one of the most interesting and informational places you can visit. It is so full of science and new things to learn. We bet! You won’t regret going there!

Excited Enough? So are we to make you aware of this wonderful place! So without delaying anymore, let’s just start!

Science Barge- An Intro

The Science Barge is a science museum and floating farm based on the river named Hudson, which is situated in Yonkers. It demonstrates the sustainable production of food and renewable energy.

Moreover, the Science Barge produces tomatoes, peppers, melons, lettuce and eggplants in abundance. The most unique and significant thing about this is that they are grown without using any pesticides. Neither do they emit carbon and runoff is also zero?

The energy required to give power to the Barge is produced by wind turbines, solar panels, and biofuels. Whereas, the hydroponic greenhouse is supplied with water solely by the purified water of the river and accumulated rainwater, hence, they completely operate off the grid

In addition to this, the Science Barge is also a public educational place and it hosts the groups of the school from the general public area on the weekends and tri-state areas during the weekdays. Nevertheless, because of the Coronavirus, at this point, they are open for virtual and pre-scheduled visits.


It is located at 99 Dock Street.

10701, Yonkers, New York

Distance From the Station:

About 400 feet and two minutes walk

Contact Details:


Opening Hours:

On the weekends from noon. to 6 in the evening.

How Does it Work?

According to the Hudson Valley, the Science Barge is an urban farm that is sustainable. Moreover, it is powered by the wind, biofuels, solar and given water by the river water and rainwater. That means the greenhouse can produce fresh products without emitting carbons and water consumption.

The vegetables and fruits grown on the Science Barge utilise the water four times less and land by seven times as compared to the traditional field crops. Also, the plants grow much faster when the nutrients are offered to them through purified and recycled water.

The main motive of the farms is to stimulate cities to provide their food because transportation leads to a lot of pollution. Moreover, the systems were mainly designed for the rooftops, which is a great resource in such cities, however, they were applied on the water for demonstration.

Activities at the Science Barge

The Science Barge opens on the weekends. So, you can take a tour of the Barge on Saturday and Sunday from twelve p.m to six p.m. Also, you are required to donate at least $5. Moreover, the big groups of ten people or more can be lodged with the amount of $125.

In addition to this, during the weekdays, the Barge organizes certain educational programs, summer camps and field trips of schools. The greenhouse requests students from nursery to high school to the greenhouse so that they can learn more about renewable energy. Also, so that they can give something to the compost supply of the Barge, also so that they can check the pure and environmental melons, tomatoes, eggplants, popcorn and peppers.

Other than this, it also provides open hours for volunteering on Sunday from 10 in the morning to the afternoon. Anyone who wishes to offer something back to the community can join these volunteering programs.

To Sum it Up…

So, finally, we are at the end of this blog and we have tried to share as much information about the Science Barge as we could. We believe that you got all that you needed to know.

All in all, the science barge is a good place to visit. You can go there if you wish to see and learn something new.

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