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Nahmias et Fils

If you’re visiting Yonkers and you’re looking for an alternative activity then one of the things that you can try is to join a tour and tasting of the Nahmias et Fils distillery. It is owned by a husband and wife team by the name of David and Dorit Nahmias.

David is a Morocco native and he brought to Yonkers a Moroccan spirit known as Mahia. It is a traditional Moroccan spirit that is made from distilled figs. The word Mahia literally means “water of life” and the name reflects its importance in Moroccan culture.

The recipe used by Nahmias et Fils was passed on to David by his mother and it has won several awards already. It has a similar taste to brandy but it has the flavor of anise. The distillery was inspired to make Mahia because of Morocco’s successful trade of the spirit. This is the only place in the U.S. where you can get locally-produced Mahia.

Apart from Mahia, Nahmias et Fils also makes un-aged versions of Legs Diamond 100% rye whiskey. To make the whiskey, the distillery uses organic rye that they get from farms located in upstate New York. They also make apple whiskey with ingredients that are all sourced locally. All of the products of the distillery are all-natural and they use very little ingredients.

In 2017, the distillery received the Good Food Award for their Legs Diamond Rye Whiskey. One of the things that you need to know about Nahmias et Fils is that all of their products are produced from scratch. They make and bottle their spirits in their Yonkers distillery. And the best part is that they open their distillery to the public. You can book a tour of the distillery and tasting.

All you need to do is to sign up through their website. You will surely love to sit and drink in their Moroccan-inspired tasting room. The tour is an educational experience as well. You’ll learn about the different spirits available in the distillery and how they are made.

The couple used to work in the banking and software industry. Then they lost their job. But they took the incident as an opportunity to finally realize David’s dream of having a distillery. That was in 2009 and now Nahmias et Fils is a successful distillery. And now you can say that the couple is living a dream.

Their Mahia is featured on cocktail menus in a number of restaurants in the U.S. Bartenders love Mahia because it’s perfect for creating a variety of drinks. It can be used to replace tequila for margaritas and for mules. But the best way to taste their Mahia is by booking a tour and tasting session at the distillery.

The Nahmias et Fils distillery is considered a hidden gem. It’s not yet that popular among locals and tourists and that is good news for you. This means that it’s still easy to book a tour of the place. It’s definitely a cool place to visit. But what’s cooler is that David and Dohit will be the one who will personally welcome and tour you of the place. You’ll hear the story of how the distillery began from the couple.

You will also learn from David the history of Mahia. It’s one thing to read about these stories but hearing it from someone who has lived the story is indeed a wonderful experience. The two are very hospitable and friendly. They are more than willing to answer the questions of all the guests.

Spending time with them is like spending time with old friends. And after tasting their Mahia and other spirits, for sure you’ll bring home some bottles with you. You should get a few to give away to your friends as well. They will certainly love it.

If you want to order more of their products, then you’ll be happy to know that they also have an online store. You can also find their products in restaurants and bars all over New York. To book a tour and tasting session, you need to visit their website and choose a date. Nahmias et Fils is located inside an industrial complex in Yonkers.

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