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Hudson River Museum

Yonkers is one of the oldest cities in New York state. It started in 1646 as a small village consisting of several houses and one iconic sawmill on Nepperhan Creek and Hudson River junction.

This city is approximately 300 years old. And so, it has a lot to share for locals and tourists alike in terms of culture.

The Hudson River Museum is where you should visit to see the cultural treasure of Yonkers. Read this article that provides you with information about its collection and how to reach the museum.

What Is The Hudson River Museum?

The Hudson River Museum (HRM) is a building featuring contemporary and architectural elements. It’s not hard to spot since no other building in Trevor Park compares to it. The architectural elements that stand out are its entrance – shaped like a half-cut minimalistic picture frame-, graystone facade, and a center tower ( a structure resembling a bell tower).

Before it became a museum consisting of numerous locations that housed different displays, the Hudson River Museum started as a historical center using the Glenview Manor. This Glenview Manor still exists. In fact, it’s the classy building adjacent to the frame-like entrance.

A section of the Hudson River contentedly flows on the western side of this museum. You may see the occasional flight of aquatic birds and the thick crowns of pines and oaks growing on it.

In addition, first-time visitors mistake the HRM for an art museum. A lot of artworks are indeed stored inside. so such visitors can’t be blamed. Artworks that you may view all come from the nearby Hudson River School that trains landscape painters influenced by romanticism.

Notable Locations Inside The Museum

Glenview Mansion

The Glenview mansion is the first building that meets the eye as soon as you stand at the entrance. It displays Victorian architectural elements. Its most significant features are its graystone facade and the tower at its middle, which was erected as part of the mansion’s overall structure.


The planetarium sits on the western side of the museum. It’s shorter but wider than the Glenview museum. It offers interactive educational shows for children and adults ranging from guided virtual tours about the moon, search for alien life, and other space-related topics. An immersive viewing experience is ensured by the installation of Radio Frequency Learning Systems (RFLS)


Beside the Planetarium is an open-air amphitheater consisting of 400 seats and one stage with enough space to accommodate 10-member up to 20-member orchestra or ensemble. The amphitheater acts as an events center that hosts musical performances, talks, dance performances, variety shows, etc.

These are the must-see views of the HRM amphitheater for this year:

  • Afro Peruvian Ensemble (July 9th)
  • Falcon Show (July 10th)
  • The New Way Musical Performance (Juley 16th)
  • Mind Reading Seminar (July 17th)
  • Charlie Lagond Musical Performance ( July 23rd)

Landscape Paintings You’ve Never Seen Before!

Majority of the exhibitions that the HRM hosts feature the works of landscape artists. These are a sight to behold. Since the Hudson River runs through Yonker’s several areas, a lot of amazing sceneries exist that painters can use as art subjects.

Librado Romero’s landscape paintings are astounding. But hurry if you want to see it because the exhibit for his works will end anytime after June. His landscapes have this vague and foggy imagery. Nevertheless, they’re beautiful as they envelop the mind and heart with nostalgia.

An exhibit that Landscape Art and Virtual Travel hosted in HRM takes you on an enjoyable journey even if you’re at home. This exhibit also shows a lot of budding talents living in Yonker and other nearby locations. A landscape that stands above the rest is Light Atlas, a work of Cynthia Dygnault that shows the vibrance of simple sceneries through bright yellows and greens.

How To Get To HRM?

You may reach HRM by train. After arriving at the Grand Central Terminal, look for the express train that’s bound to Yonkers. HRM is then a cab away from the Yonkers city station after you’ve arrived.

If you decide to visit by car, locate Sawmill River Parkway first. While heading to heat, peel your eyes for Exit 9 that will take you to Executive Boulevard. Once you’re in Executive Boulevard, head for Warburton Avenue and keep driving north until you see HRM’s iconic entrance.

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